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Photo set from Sunday's Earth Day Celebration at World Peace Wetland Prairie will grow until complete

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Earth Day 2008 photos from World Peace Wetland Prairie
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I hope to see a similar celebration at Red Oak Park next year!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Everyone welcome!

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Family Friendly: Kids Celebrate Earth Day
Wetland Prairie Plants Seeds Of Conservation
By Becca Bacon Martin
The Morning News

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Children might not understand the greater meaning of Earth Day - how it was born in the 1960s to boost awareness of the environment and the industrial, social and political dangers attacking it or how the overwhelming response illustrated to "the political leadership of the nation that there was broad and deep support for the environmental movement," as founder Gaylord Nelson says.

But kids like animals, dirt, bugs and planting things, and they can enjoy all of that and more Sunday when the Fayetteville Town Branch Neighborhood and the Omni Center for Peace, Justice & Ecology play host to the fourth Earth Day Celebration at the World Peace Wetland Prairie in south Fayetteville.

From 1 to 5 p.m., the nature park and natural rain garden will be featured in nature walks led by local biologists and nature enthusiasts; small trees and flowering plants will be available for adoption; and there will be music, with "environmentally friendly songs and poems especially welcome," according to spokesman Aubrey Shepherd.

"Bird-watchers are encouraged to come at dawn or stay until dark (and) bring a camera or video recorder," Shepherd says. "Nice photo opportunities are likely."

The theme for 2008 is "Keep the Water Where it Falls, Maintain the Habitat."

Updated information on plans for Earth Day activities at 1121 S. Duncan Ave. in Fayetteville may be found at

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Please volunteer April 19 to help give away oak trees in Fayetteville and Rogers

From Dina Nash of the Arkansas Sierra Club:
The Arkansas Forestry Commission asked if the Sierra Club would like to do a tree give-away project: They have 50,000 extra 3-foot-tall oak trees (Willow oaks, Water oaks, Shumard oaks, and Pin oaks) and they'd like to give them away.  I said yes, and we very much need your members to volunteer some hours to help take these little trees out of the paper bundle of 100 trees, put 1 or 2 in a bag, tape the top of the bag with masking tape, and give them to people who will promise to water them once or twice a week for several months so they will get a good start.

So if you have 3 or more hours to help give away trees to help global warming, please email or call me ASAP, so I can plan who'll be there to take care of the give-away table:

    Location:  Wal-Mart on Mall Drive at Joyce Street, a block west of College.
                   Near the Garden Center
                   10 AM-4 PM  (3 hour shifts, 10-1 and 1-4, or the whole 6 hours)
                   Three people per shift, some bagging, some taping, and some
                     handing out trees and putting the planting info sheet with them

                   An easy way to green up some bare places you may know of, too.
                   Take some home to your yard, church, school, or farm!  Give some
                   to neighbors who lost a tree in a storm, etc.
There are also openings at the Rogers Wal-Mart on Walnut Street on the l9th!!
Thanks so much for making this a success: please call me at 530-8328 My cell phone is in the 479 area code so Fayetteville friends don't need to make a long-distance call to reach me in Little Rock.  Or you can email me at .

Dina Nash, Vice Pres. Central AR Sierra Club
Little Rock

If you can't reach Dina, you may call Aubrey Shepherd at 479-444-6072 for information. You need not be a Sierra Club member to participate.