Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mike Emery endorsed for Ward 4 alderman by Ozark Headwaters Group of the Arkansas Chapter of the Sierra Club

Sierra Club Endorses Mike Emery for Fayetteville Ward 4 Alderman
The Sierra Club Ozark Headwaters Group has endorsed Mike Emery for Fayetteville Ward 4 Alderman in the November 27 Run-Off Election.

In announcing the endorsement, Chairman Aubrey Shepherd said, “Mr. Emery's responses to our candidate questionnaire had a sincere, personable and thoughtful quality that we appreciated. We were impressed by his support for expanding recycling and environmental education, increased mass transit and alternative transportation options, additional greenspace and tree-canopy restoration, and especially measures to control stormwater runoff and improve water quality."

Furthermore, Shepherd noted, “We believe that Mr. Emery will welcome our views and consider our positions on environmental issues coming before the City Council during the next four years, and we think he has the communication and leadership skills to be a productive member of the Council. On the other hand, his opponent for the position, Mr. Alan Long, was a leader in the opposition to the recently adopted Streamside Protection Ordinance, which the Sierra Club strongly supported. “

“In making this decision,” Shepherd explained, “Sierra Club members began looking carefully at the candidates in September, reviewing their records and responses to questionnaires. The endorsements are based on candidate  responses to the Sierra Club questionnaire, records of previous achievement, and individual history of working with the Club on key environmental issues. The specific issues on the questionnaires included  water quality, energy conservation, transportation, and recycling.”

“We reserve our political endorsements for candidates we believe will be outstanding advocates for natural-resource conservation and, more importantly, who can work effectively to achieve actual results,” Shepherd said. “Our endorsements are for individuals who have shown a deep commitment to environmental protection to ensure a better quality of life for all by protecting the health and safety of our residents. This endorsement of Mike Emery received unanimous support from both the OHG Executive Committee and the Political Committee.”

The Sierra Club is dedicated to the preservation, protection, and exploration of the earth’s natural environment. The non-profit environmental organization founded in 1892 has approximately 3,000  members in Arkansas and 1,100 in Northwest Arkansas.
Mike Emery on the Fayetteville square November 2012 photo by Aubrey James Shepherd