Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ken L. Smith and Lioneld Jordan talk environmental conservation

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Anonymous said...

Jordan has a lot of great and widely respected friends, but are there any rich ones to pay for his campaign?

He ought to be able to get about 30,000 donations between $1 and $5 and that adds up. But how many $20, $50 and $100 donations can he get.
The two announced candidates say whatever they need to for the big bucks and have enough of their own to buy all the ads they need.
If Jordan keeps showing so much spunk, I may give $1,000 when he finally announces officially.
Anyone know when that will be?

Anonymous said...

You can give up to $50 to even an unannounced candidate such as Jordan who actually has a committee working on his campaign and deduct it from your 2007 federal tax, I think. Check with your accountant and save the rest for after you file your 2007 return.
I guess I'm being disloyal, but trying to be honest. I already gave money to my candidate because we have worked together in the past. I wish every candidate could get his message out to the public. There is nothing wrong with developing an opinion after the race gets started in earnest. And that is what the everyday person should have, a chance to get to know what the candidates stand for. That's why the televised debates are so important.