Friday, February 8, 2008

Moveable, enlargeable, shrinkable interactive google map

Alderman Shirley Lucas asks park officials what happened to restoration of Red Oak Park during agenda session Tuesday for the Sept. 1 council meeting

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Anonymous said...

This is incredible. I live in the neighborhood but have never understood much about that park. This google thing was OK until I accidentally moved my cursor and it moved. I tried to re-center it and pushed it the wrong way and got further out of the neighborhood.
Then I decided to go with the flow and found myself looking at the mall. So I changed directions and went downtown. This morning I have "driven" the map with my cursor and visited Beaver Lake.
Tonight I may sit down and visit London or Bagdad with my new toy.
You may not get the neighbors to cooperate with your ambitious plan for a community effort to save the park but you have given me hope of seeing the world Free from my study room!